Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Blog: I Married an Omnivore!

I've started a new blog over at called "I Married an Omnivore" to talk about my lifestyle as a vegetarian married to and cooking for a meat eater ... please come visit me at

See you there! :-D
I hope everyone had a safe New Year's Eve and is enjoying a relaxing New Year's Day! :-D

2008 was a long year for me... I moved house and planned a wedding. It was exhausting. I don't recommend two life-changing events in one year! LOL But the year ended great... I have a wonderful new husband and we're learning to co-exist in his house, which is much smaller than my former one. After living on my own for nearly 10 years, it's been an adjustment learning to live with someone else again, especially a meat eater when my kitchen has been meat-free for nearly a decade as well. Sounds like great fodder for a blog, if only I had one about being married to an omnivore.... oh wait... I do! ;)

My new blog: I Married an Omnivore!

I've decided to switch gears in 2009 and try a new blog. As I explained in the previous post, I became so unmotivated writing this blog that I feel I need something fresh, something to get excited about again, and my marriage to my hubby has definitely been exciting and a great adventure! :-D

I hope you will join me over at I Married an Omnivore! I'm excited to share our journey with you as we adjust to living and cooking together in the new year!