Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Peeks in...

I didn't mean to just disappear into thin air... really, I didn't! Life has a way of pulling you away from things sometimes, and mine pulled me away from this blog.

I'm not giving up though. I will return.

I'm eight weeks away from my wedding (!) and in the middle of packing things up so I can shack up with my hubby-to-be. Once all that blows over, and I've had some time to settle into my new role as wifey, I hope to blog again. I'll be done with my bachelorette ways and cooking for two so I hope that'll inspire me to post again. After all, I'll have a new point of view to share... vegetarian adjusts to living (and cooking) with omnivore!

First I've got to adjust to just living with someone... I've been on my own for almost 10 years now.

So, if you enjoy my blog... please hang tight. I'll be back. It may not be until the new year, or it may be sooner, not sure. But I do miss blogging so you're not rid of me just yet! ;-p

In the meantime, my friend Erin (also a vegetarian) is blogging about her love of sweets over at Dessert Girl. Check it out if you have a sweet tooth! ;)


Amy said...

Ha--I can totally relate! I just got married, though we are still looking for our first marital home yet. Good luck with the wedding planning!

Holler said...

Good luck with the wedding, I hope you are back soon :)

Anonymous said...

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