Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Veggie Patty @ Subway

I didn’t realize the Subway restaurant chain offered a hot sandwich option for vegetarians until yesterday, when the lady diligently adding onions, tomatos, peppers and condiments to my cold Veggie Delite pointed it out to me. “I’m not vegetarian, but I think they’re pretty good,” she said, gesturing to the oblong veggie burgers sitting there under the glass, next to all the cold cuts. My interest was definitely piqued.

Subway is often my fast food of choice, especially since one of them opened within walking distance of my office. However, sometimes, I’m just not in the mood for a cold sandwich. Some days, I like it hot! Eating Subway two days in a row wasn’t ideal, but I couldn’t resist going back for another round today, specifically to try the veggie patty.

My understanding is that the veggie patties are not available at all locations. The store I patronize, where the patties are listed under the “local favorites” menu, just recently started carrying them, according to the lady behind the counter, who didn’t know the ingredients of the patty. Therefore, I used the customer service form at Subway’s Web site to inquire about the nutritional/ingredient information. I received a reply from a customer care representative named Peggy within a matter of hours, detailing ingredients and nutritional info on the chain’s Gardenburger and VegiMax menu items.

Gardenburger ingredients: Mushrooms, brown rice, onions, rolled oats, part-skim mozzarella, cottagecheese curd, egg white, cheddar cheese, bulgar wheat, natural seasonings and spices, autolyzed yeast, sea salt, olive oil, tapioca starch, and vegetable gum.

Gardenburger nutritional information: Calories 390, Protein (g) 19, Carbohydrates (g) 66, Sugar 6, Fat (g) 7, Sat. Fat (g) 2.5, Cholesterol (mg) 5, Sodium (mg) 960, Dietary Fiber (g) 9.

VegiMax ingredients: Vegetables (mushroom, water chestnuts, onions, carrots, green and red bell peppers, black olives), textured vegetable protein (soy protein consentrate, wheat gluten), egg whites, cooked brown rice, rolled oats, corn oil, calcium caseinate, soy sauce (water, soybeans, salt,wheat) Contains 2% or less of the following: onion powder, cornstarch, salt, hydrolyzed corn, soy and wheat protein, sucrose, soy protein isolate, spices, garlic powder, dextrose, jalapeno pepper powder, celery extract.

VegiMax nutritional information: Calories 390, Protein (g) 24, Carbohydrates (g) 56, Sugar 7, Fat (g) 8, Sat. Fat (g) 1.5, Cholesterol (mg) 10, Sodium (mg) 1030, Dietary Fiber (g) 7.

Additional notes provided by the rep: The above values include wheat or white bread, a 3.0 oz patty, and all the standard vegetables. Cheese or other condiments are not included. The above information is for a 6 inch sub which is a local product. However, the nutrient value may vary depending on the store’s manufacturer.

I haven’t made an additional inquiry yet about the natural seasonings listed in the e-mail, but those who wish to may want to try this form, which is what I used to ask about ingredients.

Overall, I thought the Subway veggie patty was pretty good… but no different in taste than any other veggie patty, really. It’ll cost you more than the Veggie Delite–$1.20 more at my local store. But, I do give Subway some credit for adding another menu option for vegetarians. Even if it is just a standard veggie burger, aside from the funny oblong shape to fit on the 6-inch subs. I hope the veggie patties grow in popularity and become a regular menu item at the chain nationwide.


NOTE: Last week, I was away on vacation in Michigan’s upper peninsula, which is beautiful overall, but not that big on veggies. I took notes and plan to share my experiences as a vegetarian traveling through meat-loving Yooperville in a future blog post. Look for it soon!


Holler said...

I'll look out for that! I usually take lunch with me (salad, a wrap or couscous), but there are days when I am just not organised or cannot be bothered! The Veggie Patty would be a change from the baked potato and cottage cheese I always fall back! And the Subway is right next to my baked potato shop!

Bstermyster said...

I am from Michigan, and recently moved to Indianapolis. I noticed that there was a decent # of the Indian population at the subway i frequent who ordered that veggie oblong thing. I finally tried it. I LOVE IT. It is really good. I hope it becomes a main item on the menu. I actually googled Aloo Patty - which is what I noticed it was called on the Subway India site, and it brought up your blog. Awesome.

Munish said...

I am from India and been raised a vegetarian. I am a big fan of the veggie patty at the Subway's. Not much choice in their menu, but was accidentlly introduced to it, during a weekend long trip in Oregon. So now I know what to inquire at a subway. I have been enjoying it for almost like 4 yrs but not until recently I thought I should check out the ingredients. Not that it would have mattered now, but it's still satisfying to hear that it is what I thought it is. Vegetarian.


I liked this for a while but what I noticed is that the food preparation isnt very veggie! They use the same gloves they use on the meat! And are rude when you ask them to change the gloves and then in the assembly line they all would have to, so I stay away, especially since im trying to be more vegan like.

PKILTY said...


Kuljit said...

Vegie Max contains white eggs??

So its not for Vegans?

abhikiwi said...

I am vegan and a regular Subway Veggie-Delite consumer.

I was delighted to know about Vegetable Patty but then disappointed to know that it has egg white.

Some time back I had done research on Gregg's Vegetable Pasty and was happy to know that it is free from egg.

It might be interesting to some people to know the Gregg's Veggie Pasty ingredients listed at the bottom.

It will be great if Subway can remove EGG products from their Veggie Patty and make it pure vegetarian product.


Wheat Flour, Vegetable Margarine (Vegetable Fat, emulsifier: Mono and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids), Water, Shortening (Vegetable Fat, emulsifier: Mono and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids), Salt, Glazing Agent (Water, Vegetable Oil, Milk Proteins, Modified Starch, emulsifier: Mono and Diacetyltartic Acid Esters of Mono and Diglycerides of Fatty Acids, acidity regulator: Sodium Phosphates, stabilisers: Cellulose and Carboxy Methyl Cellulose, colour: Carotenes

Water (14.3%), Whipping Cream (38% Butterfat) (14.3%) (Milk, Sugar, stabilisers: Diphosphates, Sodium Alginate), Peas (12.8%), Carrot (11%), Onion (11%), Potato (11%), Swede (11%), Green Beans (8.4%), Dijon Mustard (0.8%)(Water, Mustard Seeds, Spirit Vinegar, Salt), Cheese sauce (4.5%) (Modified Potato Starch, Whey Powder, Maltodextrin, Cheese Blend, stabilizer: Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose, Salt, Dextrose, flavour enhancer Monosodium Glutamate, Spice Extract, colour: Carotene), Celfit (0.18%) (stabiliser: Ethyl Methyl Cellulose) Black Pepper (0.16%), Salt (0.16%), Mixed Herbs (0.08%) (Marjoram, Basil, Oregano, Sage, Thyme & Parsley).

Jessica said...

I always used to get the Veggie Delite sub at Subway but today I decided to be adventurous and try the Veggie Patty sub. It tastes like a regular veggie burger which I do not like the taste of that much, so I was not very impressed but I may get it again just so I can have some variety. I got it on Honey Oat with Am. cheese, lettuce, tomato, and honey mustard sauce. I wonder if getting a different sauce would taste better. Any suggestions?

Nikki said...

I've been getting the Veggie Max patty for years now. I'm from S.CA and they were already serving those at the location I worked at for one summer back in high school. That's where I first discovered them.
I'm glad they still serve those at the location up the street from my current office in Cincinnati, Ohio. So, I think they've gained some popularity and are taking notice that vegetarians would appreciate an option apart from a cold sub every now and then.

Michael Je said...

Luv the subway veggie patty sandwich! I buy the 12 inch and it makes at least 2 full meals and is the best value. I am, by no means, vegan, so the eggs do not bother me too much. I have been a mostly veggie for over 20 years. My goal is to do the least harm and tread lightly. I think stress over doing anything "strictly", with the exception of surgery, is just not healthy. To each their own. Try a little of the chipolte sauce Jessica, though watch it 'cause the sauces are real calorie faucets, and definitely avoid "american cheese" which is code for "processed something". Stick to swiss or provolone which are likely to be real cheese. Health, (common)Wealth & Beauty - for All; No exceptions

Kenbo said...

Here's a scan of a letter I received from Subway with their GardenBurger and VegiMax ingredients. Vegetarian, but neither is vegan

Anonymous said...

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Eli said...

my Subway doesn't carry them so I just recently tried this on a trip to paris (i know, subway in paris.. but it was right under the apt) and it's SO good. Just be sure to try it with sweet onion sauce ;)

Denise said...

Thank you so much for showing an image and description for this option at Subway. It looks great, do you know if it is offered in Canada.

Yusuf Khan said...

Thank you for this post. I found your article helpful.

Pudget said...

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NewMotherinLaw said...

Whenever I have ordered this patty, which I really like, the server has asked whether I want them to switch gloves, which is a courtesy I appreciate, although I do not require it. I actually came on line today to find a recipe of the "recipes for restaurant specialities" type for this patty. Does anyone know one?

Tony Pruitt said...

That's a stupid request.

ZetaSigma89 said...

I wish they would remove all animal products from this patty and reduce the sodium. A lot of vegan products contain to much sodium. Why all the salt?

Unknown said...

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