Monday, July 30, 2007

Bahama Breeze for Veg*ns

My boyfriend and I dined out at Bahama Breeze yesterday. We've eaten there before, so I knew there was something I could order from the menu. And, that dish was the Sun-Drenched Portobello & Vegetable Sandwich. Per the restaurant's Web site, the sandwich features char-grilled seasonal vegetables, tomato, asparagus, pepper-jack cheese and fresh basil, hot-pressed on Cuban bread. I enjoy this sandwich. I think it's pretty darn good! I never finish it though, cuz I feel it's pretty big, especially when we start off with an appetizer like the Roasted Cuban Bread (fire-toasted with vine-ripened tomatoes, parmesan cheese, fresh cilantro and basil) which can easily feed four people as an appetizer if you don't want to spoil your dinner. So it's always a to-go box for the second half of my sandwich. :)

Other veggie options on the menu include the "new" Vine-Ripened Tomato and Basil Flatbread, soups [though I don't know if they contain animal stock...the recipe they have posted for their Cuban Black Bean soup calls for bacon :( If it's soup you're after, stay home and make the recipe yourself, minus the bacon! hehehehe] and salads.


jellydonut13 said...

I am a vegetarian too!

It's a long story how I happened to come across this sandwich in Orlando...(I'm from Kansas)

It was nothing short of delicious. Now I'm going to make it myself :D I just need to perfect that Cuban bread and i'll be set.

Robert said...

I don't know if this would affect you, but cuban bread is made with pork lard. Thought you might want to know.