Monday, July 2, 2007

"Chicken" Marvalasala and Papardelle with Rosemary Gravy

I didn't actually cook this meal. This yummy dish is compliments of my sis and her hubby. We had my parents over for dinner last night, in celebration of their birthdays this month. We cooked dinner for them. My sis and hubby took the main course, and I was charged with drinks and dessert. (See above blog for dessert.)

They modified this recipe from Rachel Ray's cooking show. My sister pointed out that they used veggie stock instead of chicken stock. I believe they still used the non-veggie Worcestershire sauce, tho, but I didn't make a stink about it since they went through the trouble to replace the stock and stuff. My family is still learning what is vegetarian and what isn't. Underneath all those yummy mushrooms in the photo is an organic Boca spicy chik'n patty.

This recipe was deeeeeeeelish! I definitely will try making it again, subbing the Worcestershire sauce, of course. ;)

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