Friday, June 22, 2007

Waffle Night Disaster :-(

I was so excited today because I scored a waffle iron from my local freecycle group! I love the whole freecycle idea, and if you haven't heard of it, definitely check it out and see if one exists in your area. (As a side note, the New York Times this week had a nice article about freegans, too.) I happily scooped up the waffle iron this morning on my way to work, and all I could think about all day was waffles. LOL I looked up this veg*n waffle recipe on, came home from work, scrubbed the used waffle iron clean.... and realized that I didn't know the first thing about making waffles. *sigh* How long do I heat up the iron? How long does the batter cook on the griddle? I had no clue because this freecycled item didn't come with instructions.

BUT, I decided to give it a try anyway. Waffles make a good dinner, right? :-p

*Ugh* I should've waited and researched some more. They came out terrible. In several different pieces. I don't think I let them cook long enough... and they kinda broke up into pieces when I checked on them (must've been too soon for checking... but how was I supposed to know?) I haven't posted my failures on here in the past, but i figured I should start. We're all human and we all make mistakes and weird-looking meals sometimes. Although the "waffles" were all mushed up, they still tasted good; yep, that's right, I ate them anyway! I dreamt of waffles all day, remember? I was having them no matter what. I slathered some Smart Balance and maple syrup on the glop and it tasted like waffles... they just didn't look very pretty. :(

So, now I'm a mission to make some perfect waffles... well, as close to perfect as can be... well, ok, I'll settle for anything that resembles a decent-looking waffle, LOL. So unfortunately, this won't be the only waffle post you read from me... look for many more as I master the art of waffle making!!!!! :-D

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Stretch Mark Mama said...

I love freecycle! And those waffles sound great, even if they were falling apart.