Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Monday's Lunch

I work at a university, and usually that allows me some decent foods choices for lunch... unless of course, it's the summer term with less students on campus. Our campus dining options are very limited July/August. Not usually a problem, because I normally bring my lunch to work, but on those days when I'm running late or whatever, it's nice to have something to fall back on.

Yesterday I walked over to our dining area, intending to get a Subway sandwich. However, I completely forgot that Subway, the grill, etc. were closed until September. All that was at the cafe were pricey grab-and-go items. And slim veggie options.

There was a "garden" salad, but I saw that it had egg in it. (What part of the garden do EGGS grow?) Most lacto-ovo vegetarians would eat this, but lately I've been toying with the idea of eating vegan as much as possible. I started reading Diet for a New America. While I'm nowhere near finished, I have read up to the part about the egg industry, and I really have no desire to eat eggs again. So, I didn't want the salad.

No veggie sandwiches were available; they were all meat-based. That left me with a choice of a three-bean salad, which actually looked pretty good, but it was in a small container and overpriced. Hummus and pita chips sounded good, but I could tell the chips were fried and really didn't want that. I settled on the "combo platter" with hummus, red pepper hummus, bab ghannouj, meatless grape leaves, spinach feta pie, olives and baklava. I love middle eastern food, but this combo was a pricey $5.95. At least I feel that's pricey, especially when I could've driven down the street and got a bigger and warmer similar combo for a buck or two more. But I digress. The lunch did its job and held me over till dinner. I barely touched the bab ghannouj, so I may buy some pretzels from the vending machine today and finish that off. :)


Kumudha said...

Great pictures of wonderful food.

Nice blog!

veggie barbie girl said...

o wow. i love baba ganoush and would hev eaten it first. and the green rolled up thingys.

i like the picture!